PROCESSING: Every product in our store is made to order. For this reason, processing always takes 3-5 business days (M-F) to give us time to print your specific product. Even if priority shipping is purchased, that will only affect the shipping time, not the processing time. 

SHIPPING STATUS: A tracking number will usually be generated for your order approximately 2 days before it is shipped. This 2 day time frame in your processing window allows us to prepare your exact order. 

Please follow the tracking as the package may not fit in a standard postal box and your carrier may leave it elsewhere. If the tracking status says “Accepted” then your order has been handed over to USPS and it is awaiting status updates. Please reach out to us if nothing changes within 7 days and we can assist you with the next steps.

PRIORITY SHIPPING: Priority shipping is not a guaranteed service by USPS meaning that they will not guarantee that your items will be delivered within 3 days of shipment. We are not able to refund shipping that is not delivered within the USPS Priority Shipping time frame as we have no control over the processes of USPS.

FRAMES: Frames are not included with any order and we do not sell frames at this time. Our focus is on delivering exceptional prints.

PACKAGING:  Prints that are 11x14 and smaller are packaged in a clear protective sleeve and placed in a stiff cardboard mailer, then shipped via USPS First Class to arrive quickly and safely. Multiple prints will be placed in the same plastic sleeve. Prints sizes 16x20 and larger are rolled, placed in a plastic sleeve, and shipped in a rigid tube mailer. 

PRINTING: All prints are printed professionally on thick uncoated artisan paper. Due to different monitor calibrations, colors may appear slightly different from your computer to print. All gold, glitter, wood, chalkboard, and other elements in prints are created digitally. Materials uses are artisan paper, archival inks, mixed media, and illustration.

ORDER CHANGES: Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, we are unable to edit, change, or remove any of the prints in your order. However, if we can catch the order before it is fulfilled, we can cancel it.

CANCEL ORDER: Please send us an email with your order number and “CANCEL” in the subject line, we will try our best to stop the order. If you have already received shipping confirmation, or if your order has been processed for shipping, we will not be able to cancel your order, but we can assist with a return when the order arrives.

VINTAGE ART: The Heritage Collection and other antique pieces of art will show their unique age, artistry, designs & creation techniques. You can expect intended variations in the tones, colors & grains as is desired in vintage prints, giving them their unique character. Their intended imperfections are evident and some will show their respective ages. Great care has been taken in giving them new life yet retain their vintage charm.